$1 000 Alaskan husky mixed with Wolf - $1 (Modesto)

Posted on: 12/13/17



If u have any questions feel free to text me. I have sold 4 puppies already and I have 2 left 1 male 1 female. On the left side is a female and right is male, there both are very playful. They both howl sometime but it's a small adorable howl. There active all day and sleep all night. I'm asking $1000. I know you might say that is to high but it a wolf mixed with a Alaskan husky you will rarely see that on PileFly and they go for way more what im selling them for, but I will take your offer if it is not to low . Send me your offer it won't hurt to try. We can work something out. It is a rare wild animal to breed with a dog. There both 8 weeks old has their parvo shot done and the deworming done. They are very soft and fluffy like a cotton ball. The male is very active and very very strong than normal. On the other hand she is very playful and active as well and is very alert and aware of her surroundings, she is very strong, she barks when she hears the door or anything happening outside my house, for being 8 weeks old she is an amazing puppy. she has longer and softer fur, that her wolf side. I think that's do to having the wild side in her.they are both great but the female is alot more fluffy like the wolf text or call me at(209) 277-5880 if interested

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